Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Things have been super crazy around here (and by crazy I mean I've been sleeping around the clock). As such, there has not been as much time to cook, take pictures and blog. SO, I figured this was the perfect time to keep it short and sweet and tell you about my fabulous trip to Austin, Texas.

My friend Kristy had a quilting conference in Austin (the first ever QuiltCon!). She was looking for friends to join her so that she'd have people to explore and eat with outside of the conference. Well, it just so happens that my friend (and co-worker!) Mary and I were the perfect match for this quest of hers and we agreed whole heartedly to travel, eat and explore Austin.

In the morning we'd drop Kristy off at the conference, gallivant around all day and then pick her up and head out to dinner! By the end of dinner we were all exhausted.... so we didn't actually make it to a night out on the town. Which might be a shame... BUT considering I've been sleeping around the clock right now anyway, did you really think I was a party animal?

not. so. much.

Anyway, we had fantastic advice on where to eat. Everywhere we went I was blown away by the quality of food, the standard of service, the knowledge of what ingredients are IN the food and how much awesome free range, humanely raised and hormone free beef there was. YEAH BABY.

The steak melted in my mouth. IT MELTED.

Austin had fantastic food, friendly (and active) people, gorgeous landscape, and a fantastic farmers market!! Also, it smelled like brisket everywhere. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I would definitely go back if I wasn't on a budget (there are lots of places to go people!) and if I did, I would eat at food truck. (Can you believe we didn't?!? It's called too much food; not enough time.)

Enjoy the pics! Keep Austin Weird.


Headed to the conference. First Day!

Educational Tours... 

 Motivational Speeches.. 

Vermicelli Cakes with Ginger Pork, mint, jalapeƱos and poached eggs.

Favorite Meal! 

Raw and Vegan Cheesecake!!! It was amazing.

Shady Grove 
This was so freakin good.

 More educational tours! Thanks to my friend Mary. ; )

 Two of my favorite people ever!!! 

                                                            Oh yeah. and then I got strep.

The End. 


  1. "oh and i got strep....The end" ahaha
    you look so pretty in the one in the restaurant and the "we love food" sign is so you.

  2. Love you, love your blog.

  3. I'm jealous! Have been wanting to go to Austin for a while. That food looks amazing!


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